Uusien vaihto-oppilaiden tunnelmia

Kuvat: Emmi Tertsunen

Kolme kouluumme saapunutta vaihto-oppilasta kertoivat meille tunnelmistaan näin lukuvuoden alussa. He vastasivat näihin viiteen kysymykseen:

  1. Why did you come to Finland?
  2. What has been the most surprising or weird?
  3. Have you learned Finnish?
  4. What expectations do you have?
  5. What are your thoughts at the moment?

Valentina Sagredo, Chile


Valentina haluaa haastaa itsensä.

1. I didn’t want a country where it would be easy to go to – on a holiday for example – like Italy. When I searched for more info about Finland, I really fell in love with the country.
2. Lunch and education are free!
3. A little bit, yeah.
4. To learn the language well and to make Finnish friends.
5. It’s very different from Chile. I feel like I have more independence and school times also feel free. Some days are very fun and on some days you don’t have much to do.

Karla Laib, Saksa


Karlasta suihkut ovat Suomessa suuria.

1. I have a host sister from Mexico but I didn’t want to go so far away, I wanted to go to somewhere in Scandinavia. I got to Finland and now I couldn’t imagine being somewhere else.
2. It’s almost the same as in Germany. It’s much more greener here though, and the showers feel big.
3. I started studying Finnish at home but it wasn’t that easy. I only know a few words and my Finnish classes haven’t started yet.
4. To get like a second home and to be able to speak Finnish after some time.
5. I like it here. I don’t really have thoughts about this all.

Chiara Gerna, Italia


Chiara on mukana Järjessä!

1. First of all, I wanted to go far away from home to test myself and my independence. I had visited Helsinki 5 years ago and had really enjoyed it. This is a peaceful and green country where everyone can express their opinion freely.
2. Finnish people drink so much milk, it’s not usual in Italy! The lunch and dinner times are also different.
3. Not yet, just a few words.
4. I don’t want to have big expectations in case I can’t reach them. But I will try to make this a great experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.
5. I’m lucky to be here, this experience really is unique and rare. It may be something that happens once in a lifetime.

It’s much more greener here though, and the showers feel big. –Karla

Me suomalaiset olemme tunnetusti jöröjä tuppisuita, joten vaihtarin sopeutuminen lukion elämään voi joskus olla vähän hankalaa. Kaikki koulumme vaihtarit haluavat ystävystyä suomalaisten kanssa ja kokea paikallista kulttuuria ruohonjuuritasolla, joten he ovat varmasti innoissaan päästessään juttelemaan kenen tahansa kanssa, oli aihe sitten päivän sää tai vaihtarikokemus! Tai se tuppisuisuus. Ken tietää.

Alunperin kirjoittanut Siiri Salo


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